Family History Tools
and Genealogy Web Sites

Family History Tools

As I work on my own genealogy, I run into family history tools and genealogy web sites that I think are worth sharing with friends.

I’m not talking about the monster genealogy sites that everyone knows. I’m talking about lesser known sites that you have probably missed.

From time to time I will write about such tools and sites on this page.

Read the summaries below and follow the links to learn more. Then check back later for additional entries.

Hire Your Own Genealogist

Many of us want to build or expand our family trees but don't have the time to do it. Plus, professional genealogists already know how and where to look for your family's records. So they can get results much faster than we can.

A good place to hire a professional genealogists is

Learn the Basics of Genealogy Research

The tools you find on will give
the information and tools you need to do your own hands-on ancestry search. Link:

Preserve Your Family History - From Genealogy to Heritage Album

Online Genealogy store, selling products to create a family heritage or family history album as well as charts, how-to books, scrapbooking products and supplies, and helpful information and links to start your family tree research. Link:

Family History Alive

This new website seeks to make your family tree "come alive", so that the people in the tree are more than just names with birth, marriage, and death dates. It provides assistance in locating family history documentation in the US, Canada, and the UK, so that you can build a life story of your ancestors - where they lived and worked, when they moved or emigrated, and more details about their family lives. It also has sections dealing with DNA and its application to family history, and provides information on returning to the land of your forefathers, to tour ancestral villages and discover your roots. Link: 

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