Finding Family Presentation

This is an outline of the Finding Family presentation by Richard Hill that may be scheduled in person or online through the Contact form.

Do you enjoy stories about adoptees reuniting with lost family members? Do you watch Long Lost Family?

Or do you just want an update on the latest DNA testing strategies, tools, and resources?

In any case, you don’t want to miss this presentation by the author of Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA.

Finding Family Presentation

Richard Hill was the first adoptee to identify his birth family through genetic genealogy DNA tests. His pioneering success opened the floodgates for adoptees to get around sealed adoption records and decades-old family secrets. 

Since 2008, Richard has been educating adoptees, genealogists, and others about the power of genetic genealogy to discover lost relatives and reunite families.

Adoptees, Donor-Conceived Individuals, and NPEs

In most U.S. states, adult adoptees are still denied a basic human right that everyone else takes for granted. They are not allowed to see their original birth certificates. Genetic genealogy has provided an effective work-around for thousands of adoptees.

Thanks to the enormous growth in DNA databases, adoptee success rates have reached new highs, as you will see in this presentation.

Until recently, fertility clinics assumed the process of donating sperm was completely anonymous. Yet donor-conceived individuals have been following the example of adoptees to identify biological fathers, while discovering a remarkable number of half siblings.

Thousands more people have learned or suspect that the man who raised them was not their biological father. They too are turning to genetic genealogy. And many more testers are accidentally discovering their own NPE status (Not the Parent Expected).

The Five DNA Tests in Richard’s Personal Search

Richard’s search for his roots began decades ago and followed the development of new DNA tests. By sharing his personal test results and some family photos, Richard will cover the highlights of his successful and groundbreaking search. 

Today's Adoptee Success Rates

With several huge DNA databases available, adoptees are finding birth parents and siblings with an amazing success rate. Richard will share the latest data.⁣

More Surprise Discoveries

This presentation covers the issue of surprises that can result from DNA testing. And Richard has several recent examples to share from his own family. While he has never written an epilogue to Finding Family, readers who watch this presentation will be pleased to learn of his family’s many new discoveries.

New Tools for DNA Matches

When a new relative shows up in your list of genetic matches, it’s often not obvious how that person fits into your family tree. Richard will show you how he applied these tools to explain his own surprise matches:

Shared cM Table with Odds

WATO (What Are The Odds)

Strategies and Resources for Finding Family

Finally, Richard will review his DNA testing strategies for finding family and the most important resources in the following categories:


Facebook Pages

NPE Help

DNA Books

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