My Choice for Data Backup

I now use Backblaze to back up ALL my files to the cloud. I spend a lot of time on genealogy and writing about DNA testing and I don't want to lose anything on my computer. In my case this includes thousands of irreplaceable photos.

My Prior Backup Experience

For a long time, I just backed up to an external hard drive that sits next to my computer. That’s still a good idea. It could help if my computer should crash. But it won’t protect my data from hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, burglary and human error. For complete protection we all need a cloud-based backup service.

My first such service was S.O.S. Online Backup. Unfortunately, I found it to be buggy and way too expensive.

Then i switched to CrashPlan For Home. I really liked it. But within my first year, the company decided to focus exclusively on enterprise and small business segments. My subscription was going to end and could not be renewed.

This time I did a more extensive search and evaluated the latest options.

Why I Love Backblaze

First of all, this is the easiest program to set up and use. You don’t have to tell it which files to back up. It automatically backs up all your data.

I have a Mac; but Backblaze works with either Macs or PCs. 

After the initial backup, I don’t even know it’s running. But I have checked it by going to my private account on their website, browsing files, and restoring selected files as a test.

Compared to other alternatives, it’s a real bargain. You can back up an unlimited amount of data from your computer for just $50 a year. They also have a $5/month option.

If you ever need to restore everything, you have a choice of downloading a Zip file or having your files shipped to you on a USB flash drive (up to 128 GB) or a USB hard drive (up to 4 TB). You have to pay a deposit on either drive; but you can return it within 30 days for a refund.

They offer a 15-day free trail that you can get at this link. I suggest you do it now; but you don’t have to just take my word for it.

If you would like to compare Backblaze with other backup alternatives, see here. For more customer reviews see here.

The Initial Backup

With ANY cloud backup service it can take a long time to do the initial backup. Mine required more than a week.

That’s because our Internet connections are much slower at uploading data than they are at downloading data. I have a cable modem and the download speed is a fast 65 Mbps. But my upload speed is only about 5 Mbps.

During the initial backup you may find that doing anything else online slows to a crawl. So Backblaze provides a convenient PAUSE feature. You can pause the backup while you’re online and then resume it later. I suggest you leave your computer on 24/7 during the initial backup so most of it gets done while you’re away.

Once the initial backup has finished, only new or changed files need backup. So you won’t even notice it happening.


I was so happy with this backup program that I signed up to be an affiliate. If you buy it from one of my links, I earn a small commission. The price you pay is the same.

Click this Backblaze link to get started. 

If you happen to have a business, check out Backblaze for Business.

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