Save Memories FOREVER with
Digital Conversion Services

by Richard Hill, DNA Testing Adviser
and FOREVER Ambassador

I’ve been a big user of digital conversion services at FOREVER. I’ve been taking pictures since the 1960s and have nearly 70 photo albums of prints from the era of film photography. Plus, I have boxes of Hi-8 analog video tapes. I needed the camera to play them back and that became inoperable more than 20 years ago.

Digital Conversion Services Made Easy

FOREVER makes it easy to convert all this and more to digital formats. You simply order a conversion box in one of three sizes. They ship the box to you, and you fill it with whatever you need converted: photos, slides, negatives, home videos, movie film, or audiotapes.

Then you ship the box to FOREVER. They convert your items and upload them to your FOREVER account. If you don’t have an account, they will create a free 2 GB account for you. You can always view, organize, edit, share, and download your files.

Safe, Secure Shipping

Many companies that offer digital conversion services—and many local photo shops—actually ship your precious memories to countries like India where labor rates are cheaper. I won’t trust my irreplaceable items to be shipped to the other side of the world and back. And you should not either.

The FOREVER conversion facility is in Green Bay, Wisconsin and your items are shipped there and then back to you via FedEx with tracking numbers. FOREVER’s trained technicians ensure that your memories stay in perfect condition throughout the digitization process.

Choose Your FOREVER Box

Conversion boxes are available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. Each FOREVER Box includes a prepaid amount of conversion credit, but you can fill up your box as much as you’d like. After your box is received, they email you an itemized list of items and charges so you can pay any extra before they proceed.

FOREVER conversion boxes are sturdy, water-resistant, and contain important packing materials designed to keep your content safe. When placing your order, you pay one flat-rate shipping charge that covers all three shipments: 1. The empty box coming to you. 2. The filled box going the them. 3. The filled box returning your items to you.

TIP: Since the shipping charge only depends on the size of the box, it makes sense to fill your box with as many items as you can.

Get Personal Help with FOREVER from Me, Richard Hill

I am so enthusiastic about FOREVER that I signed on to be an Ambassador for the company. Click FOREVER to sign up for a free 2 GB storage account. Make sure that my name, Richard Hill, and my picture appear by the space where you create an account.

Once you confirm your email address, you will receive a $20 coupon that you can apply to any type of order at FOREVER.

Then I will be the one to personally answer your questions and advise you on organizing your photos and files and how to take full advantage of FOREVER.

Preserving family memories is a perfect complement to my work in finding families through DNA Testing Adviser.

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