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This Finding Family Reviews page will lead you to many reviews of Richard Hill's book, "Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA."

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Spoiler Alert

Some of the Finding Family reviews mention specific events from the book. If knowing too much about a story in advance detracts from your reading pleasure, you may want to skip down to the two groups of quotes below the list of links.

Note: You can read excerpts from these full reviews on this page.

Some Quotes from Finding Family Reviews on

“So well written”

“grippingly personal”

“I could not put it down”

“I was hooked from start to finish”

“an absolute page turner”

“a heart-warming and thrilling mystery”

"I loved this book"

“some of the most fascinating non-fiction you will ever read”

“a wry sense of humor”

"a thriller-like quest"


“No dishes got washed here today!”

More Finding Family Reviews in Notes to the Author

I began reading your book after breakfast and found it so fascinating and inspiring that I took the day off to read it.  I don't think I've ever read an entire book at once before and certainly not one as touching and intriguing. It is an inspiration for people to begin to search and with all of the surprises and set-backs, an inspiration for those who have already started their search to continue. --T.A.

I read it in one sitting and enjoyed it thoroughly. I commend you for your tenacity, courage and your thoughtfulness in helping other adoptees and people searching. You certainly have been instrumental in my search. --S.S.

Yes I've met others working on the same goal, but you steped up in a big way, you validated us and gave us a voice. Its empowering and a special thanks to you.--J.D.

I finished reading your book over the weekend and I thought it was absolutely fantastic! It was suspenseful, funny and easy to follow...Thank you for sharing your story. It truly touched my heart and I will definitely be recommending the book to others. --C.B.

Reading your book has given me encouragement I need to keep on with my quest and has helped me realize that it will take a lot of hard work, persuasion & patience to accomplish this goal.--B.D.

I received your book on Thursday evening and had devoured it by Friday night. I then reread it over the weekend. What a fabulous book! --S.A.

I have read the book and am on my way through it for a second time. It is FANTASTIC and so is your sense of humor. I giggled, laughed and shed some tears as well. --J.A.

I just should have read the review on the back cover first about not being able to put it down, as I picked it up at 2 a.m. when I couldn’t sleep and …. Well … finished several hours later and am still up. LOL. Very compelling, captivating story of your adventures into your family. Well done!--M.A.

Here's a note from my sister-in-law: "I just finished Dick Hill's book—actually I gobbled it up! Many thanks for telling me about it; I loved it! What a great story and so compellingly told." --K.P.

Thank you for sharing your story! I was captivated by images of familiar Michigan towns, interesting people, and wonderful real-life twists and turns as your journey progressed. --T.A.

Roberta Estes gave a glowing review about your book two or three weeks ago and I ordered it immediately. I started it this morning, couldn't put it down and just finished reading it.  I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed. There were smiles, tears and laughter while reading Finding Family. --L.E.

Awesome! I finished your book and it was SO good. I can see it being made into a movie. --C.J.

Gee, I don't know why people had to read his book over a couple of nights! I downloaded it to my Kindle this morning and had finished it by supper time - of course, I did skip lunch :-) WHAT A GREAT READ! --J.R.

I bought your book a week or two ago and read it with interest. The similarities with my own situation were more than I had anticipated…Your book has inspired me to take up the search again. --C.S.

Not only is it an interesting and wonderful story, but as you are so well aware, you are in a position to help so many others who are embarking on this kind of search for family roots. --M.T.

NOTE: This is just a small sample of the Finding Family Reviews received by the author.

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