Questions to Ask

Suggested questions to ask Richard Hill when interviewing him about his new book, Finding Family.


  • Why did you write this book?
  • What kind of reaction are you getting from readers?
  • How did you discover that you were adopted?
  • Why did your parents choose to keep your adoption a secret?
  • Why did you choose not to confront your parents about your adoption?
  • Did you ever wonder about your ethnic background?
  • How did you learn that you had a brother?
  • What were the first steps you took in searching for your mother and brother?
  • Did you and your adopted mother ever talk about your adoption?
  • What drove you to search so long for your birth father?
  • How did you learn the name of the man your mother named as your father?
  • How did DNA testing help you in your search?
  • At what point did you discover a passion for genealogy?
  • Did you make any major mistakes in your search?
  • What’s it like to have so many new relatives in your life?
  • Where can readers buy your book?


  • What is genetic genealogy?
  • Why do genealogists get into DNA testing?
  • What are the major types of genetic genealogy tests?
  • Are there DNA tests that you don’t recommend?
  • What is the first step someone should take who wants to get started with genetic genealogy testing?
  • How much does it cost for a genetic genealogy test?
  • What can DNA testing tell you about the health issues you inherited?


  • What drives so many adoptees to search for their biological families?
  • Are men or women more likely to search?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing adoptees who want to identify their biological families?
  • Is searching for birth families easier now than it was when you started?
  • How can DNA testing help adoptees get around sealed records and false information?
  • Are most birth parents happy to be found by the children they gave up for adoption?
  • Why did so many states decide to seal adoption records?
  • Should adult adoptees be able to see their original birth certificates?
  • How should adult adoptees go about contacting birth families?
  • What should an adoptee expect from his or her birth family?

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