Finding Family with DNA Testing

A free information resource for adoptees, genealogists and others seeking biological roots

Now that DNA Testing is easier and relatively inexpensive, we can remove many question marks about our biological families.

A paternity test can identify a child’s father without question. Genealogists are extending family trees farther back in time. High school students are checking their ethnic ancestry for college admission and financial aid purposes.

DNA is also helping adoptees reunite with birth families. The Wall Street Journal reported my successful adoption search in a front page article. Now I'm telling the entire story, including a new ending based on the latest genetic genealogy tests, in my book:

Finding Family: My Search for Roots
and the Secrets in My DNA

If you read the book, you will see why I’m passionate about sharing the insider’s tips I’ve learned through first-hand experience.

These tests are based on sound science. But if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you can take the wrong test for your situation. It’s also easy to pay too much…settle for incomplete data…or misinterpret the results.

I created this web site for genealogists, adoptees, and anyone uncertain about their biological roots. It will help you avoid mistakes and find the most efficient path to the answers you seek.

My Unique View

My name is Richard Hill. As a former scientist, I understood the concepts and researched the technology. Then I asked the right questions before and after every test. Excited by what this new science did for me, I continue to study and research the subject.

While there are hundreds of web sites that discuss these tests, this site is different in three important ways:

1. Most sites are created by testing companies. I am a private individual--free to express my independent opinions.

2. I write from the personal perspective of someone who has used this testing multiple times.

3. I make every effort to write in plain English and make these complex subjects as clear as possible.

My Guide to DNA Testing

In addition to exploring this web site, I suggest you dowload my eBook: Guide to DNA Testing.

I describe and compare the major test types. Then I explain their purposes, strengths and limitations in a unique table that you will not find anywhere else.

This Guide provides the high level overview you need to put the various tests in perspective.

Free Advice on DNA Testing

Every page on this web site is completely free and open to the public. I also answer your individual questions without charge.

All I ask is that you review my site completely to see if your question has already been answered. If you still need advice, submit your question through my Feedback Form.

A Proud Supporter of Adoptee Rights

In more than forty U.S. states adult adoptees are denied a basic human right. We are not allowed to see our original birth certificates. I support the work of the Adoptee Rights Coalition and other groups that are working to change the archaic laws that discriminate against adoptees.

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