The Purpose of DNA Testing Adviser

The original purpose for creating this DNA Testing Adviser web site was to share what what was learned from the adoption search community.

Later, there was a realization that many genealogists knew little or nothing about genetic genealogy.

It was then decided that DNA Testing Adviser should be written for a broader audience of genealogists, adoptees, and anyone interested in paternity or other relationship testing.

My DNA Testing Guide

While this web site covers a lot of ground in great detail, I saw a need for a freestanding overview on the subject of DNA testing.

In August 2011 I published a concise Guide to DNA Testing that has been widely praised in the genetic genealogy community. Within 30 days after it was announced, more than 1,400 people had downloaded this Guide. I update the Guide periodically with new information. See the following page to learn more about this Guide:

How to Identify Ancestors and Confirm Relationships through DNA Testing

Your Feedback

I invite you to use my Contact page. Tell me what you like about my site and if I was able to help you.

Here are some examples of comments that have inspired the expansion of this site.

“I thank you for your open, caring approach to the struggle of others who share in the same dilemma. I have been searching for years and now, a new found hope. About to start with your advice. Great job.”

“An article I read about your site has given me hope that there may be a way to search without intruding on my mother’s memory or my father’s life.”

“Your article on line was the only thing I could find that helped explain the possible results [of a DNA Test] and I do thank you for that!”

“For all of the online searching that I have been doing, your site explains the most clearly what DNA testing can and cannot confirm.”

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