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Personal Genomics and Your Health

personal genomics

Personal Genomics is a new form of genetic testing that uncovers the personal health traits that you inherited from your ancestors.

Specifically, these DNA tests can measure your inherited risk for genetic disorders, your carrier status for diseases you could pass on to your children, and other wellness and trait reports.

I have personally done all of the tests mentioned here and I have a clear favorite for health testing.

Personal Genomics Add-Ons to Popular Genealogy Tests

More than 30 million people have had their DNA tested on the leading tests in the genealogy market. These tests check a small portion of your DNA to find genetic relatives and provide estimates of your overall ethnic ancestry.

A few of these testing companies offer higher-cost alternatives that add some genetic health information to the basic family history findings. What they report and how they report it varies considerably from one company to another. The leader in this more basic health testing in 23andMe.

A Far More Comprehensive DNA Health Test

If you’re really serious about genetic health testing, there is a far more comprehensive DNA test available.

Nebula Genomics decodes 100% of your DNA and produces 10,000 times more data than tests like 23andMe. This includes full mtDNA and Y-DNA sequencing. This is my personal favorite DNA test for health information. Read my Nebula Genomics Review page to learn why I think so highly of this test.

Their FAQs also state that users “can transfer their genomic data to FamilyTreeDNA to access the world’s largest Y-DNA and and mtDNA databases and trace their paternal and maternal ancestry. This service also includes the ability to connect with relatives.”

I already did those tests directly at FTDNA, so I can not try this. But that feature makes Nebula Genomics an even better option for genealogists who have not yet done those tests.

Since new links between DNA and health are being discovered constantly, they offer subscription plans to receive weekly updates based on the latest scientific discoveries. 

The best deal is the lifetime subscription and that’s the one I have.

If you need a great holiday or birthday gift for someone you love and care about, I recommend a Nebula Genomics DNA test and subscription.

One More Whole Genome Option

Dante Labs is another health-focused test that checks your whole genome. I did this test earlier. Comparing the two, I find Nebula Genomics to be more comprehensive. 

Keep Health Reports in Perspective

If your DNA reveals a higher than average risk for a certain disease, there is no need to panic. Genetics only accounts for part of the risk. Other factors such as diet, exercise, smoking, and obesity have a major influence for many conditions.

Just knowing you have that higher genetic risk can help you take more control over your health. Lifestyle changes may offset your genetic risk. Plus, personal genetic information allows you and your physician to choose and schedule screening tests more appropriately.

Likewise, you should not allow a lower-than-average risk to create a false sense of security. Again, genetics is only part of the big picture. But it’s an important part that you should know.

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