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nebula genomics

If you’re really serious about genetic health testing, Nebula Genomics is the one comprehensive home DNA test that ranks above all others for health testing.

Plus, they have a unique partnership arrangement with Family Tree DNA that makes this the best overall bargain in DNA testing.

Nebula Genomics does whole genome sequencing. This means they decode 100% of your DNA and that produces 10,000 times more data than tests like 23andMe. 

Since new links between DNA and health are being discovered constantly, they offer subscription plans to receive weekly updates based on the latest scientific discoveries. 

The best deal is the lifetime subscription and that’s the one I have.

If you are interested in your own genetic health or need a great gift for someone you love and care about, I recommend a Nebula Genomics DNA test and subscription.

Read on to learn what this test provides. I will start with the most basic features and move on to more powerful features, using my own data as examples.

Genetic Traits

Your results include a collection of well-established genetic traits in four categories.

nebula genomics

1. Appearance & Hormones includes things like freckling, hair thickness, and testosterone levels.

2. Behavior & Perception includes things like alcohol sensitivity, caffeine use, and pain sensitivity.

3. Body & Athleticism includes things like height, muscle strength, obesity, and longevity.

4. Nutrition & Diet includes things like lactose intolerance and whether you are predisposed to have lower levels of certain vitamins.

nebula genomics

Here’s an example of a trait report. Under Behavior and Perception, it tells me that I have a higher risk of becoming addicted to nicotine. It’s a good thing I never smoked.

For any report, there is a Learn More button where you can get more details.

The Nebula Genomics Library

The heart of this DNA test is the library. It’s a curated repository of research publications and genomic discoveries for hundreds of genetic conditions. For each one it shows a percentile number of your genetic predisposition compared to all Nebula Genomics users.

Conditions include widely known conditions such as coronary artery disease, prostate cancer, melanoma, lung cancer, breast cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease and hundreds lesser-known conditions.

An example is my report for Restless Legs Syndrome.

nebula genomics

This is a condition that I’ve had for years. Fortunately, it’s controlled through exercise and an iron supplement. But it’s good to know that it is a heritable condition and I have an extremely high genetic predisposition for it.

While the Full Report may be too small to read here, I’m showing it as an example of the detail provided.

nebula genomics

Advanced Feature #1: Gene Analysis Tool

Nebula includes a Gene Analysis Tool that empowers you to examine any gene in your genome and identify important genetic variants and mutations. Choose any gene and the tool will extract genetic variants in that gene from your VCF file and display them to you using symbols that have different colors.

The colors denote the potential importance of variants. The Gene Analysis tool determines this by referencing the ClinVar database and other resources.

Advanced Feature #2: Genome Browser

Nebula’s Genome Browser is a tool that lets you look directly at the sequencing data that is stored in your CRAM (compressed BAM) file. You can search using gene names (e.g. APOE) or genome locations (e.g. rs429358).

What you see are your personal DNA sequencing reads that are aligned to a reference genome sequence (colored letters above). If your DNA sequence matches the reference, then the stripes are grey. If the sequence is somehow different from the reference, then you will be shown various letters and symbols in different colors.

This is clearly an advanced tool. But it’s another example of how Nebula Genetics is the ultimate tool for taking control of your own genetic data.

Deep Genetic Ancestry Makes Nebula Genomics a Real Bargain

Whole Genome Sequencing DNA testing decodes ALL your DNA. That includes your autosomal DNA, your entire Y chromosome (Y-DNA) and 100% of your mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).

The Nebula Genomics partnership with Family Tree DNA will allow you to access to world’s largest Y-DNA and mtDNA databases. This will let you trace both maternal and paternal lines and discover relatives through DNA matching. Such new family connections can help you build and confirm your family tree.

Since I have been into genetic genealogy for many years, I had already done all the Family Tree DNA tests long before the Nebula Genomics test was offered. Therefore, I could not try this personally. But this feature will make Nebula Genomics an incredible bargain for genealogists who have not yet done those tests.

Keep Health Reports in Perspective

If your DNA reveals a higher than average risk for a certain disease, there is no need to panic. Genetics only accounts for part of the risk. Other factors such as diet, exercise, smoking, and obesity have a major influence for many conditions.

Just knowing you have that higher genetic risk can help you take more control over your health.

Lifestyle changes may offset your genetic risk. Plus, personal genetic information allows you and your physician to choose and schedule screening tests more appropriately

Likewise, you should not allow a lower-than-average risk to create a false sense of security. Again, genetics is only part of the big picture. But it’s an important part that you should know.

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