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If you have a DNA question, the answer is likely to be in my concise Guide to DNA Testing eBook

This easy-to-follow Guide explains the different test types and covers the strengths and limitations of specific tests. It answers the most common questions and includes links to the best books and online resources for genealogists and adoptees.

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Due to the popularity of my book, Finding Family the volume of inquiries I receive has increased dramatically.

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To help you in the meantime, here is my current list of recommended DNA tests. Follow each link to learn more directly from the lab offering the test.

I do NOT sell DNA tests. You order them from these labs...

Family Tree DNA




Living DNA

Men interested in their direct paternal line should also take the Y-DNA test at Family Tree DNA The 37-marker test is appropriate most of the time. They also offer mitochondrial DNA for anyone that follows the direct maternal line.

For an easy-to-follow overview of Genetic Genealogy testing review my Guide to DNA Testing.