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Now that DNA testing is easier and far less expensive, we can remove many question marks about our biological families. Genealogists are extending and confirming family trees and adoptees are reuniting with birth families.

These tests are based on sound science. But if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you can take the wrong test for your situation. It’s also easy to pay too much…settle for incomplete data…or misinterpret the results.

I created this web site for genealogists, adoptees, and anyone uncertain about their biological roots. It will help you avoid mistakes and find the most efficient path to the answers you seek.

My Recommended DNA Tests

Anyone can test and you will discover hundreds or even thousands of genetic relatives. Each test also provides an estimated breakdown of your overall ethnic ancestry.



Family Finder (by Family Tree DNA)


Living DNA

Since each database contains mostly different people, adoptees and serious genealogists know that "fishing in all the ponds" is the best strategy for finding lost family or breaking through brick walls in genealogy research.

Two additional test types are offered by Family Tree DNA. Their Y-DNA test checks a man's Y chromosome and the matches will share a common ancestor in that man's direct paternal line, i.e. his father's father's father etc.

Their mitochondrial DNA test can be done by anyone and finds people who share a common ancestor in your direct maternal line, i.e. your mother's mother's mother etc. 

The cutting edge of DNA testing is whole genome sequencing. The company I recommend for that is Nebula Genetics.

Click any or all of my links above to learn more and see current pricing.

My Groundbreaking Story

My name is Richard Hill and I was the first known case of an adoptee using genetic genealogy DNA tests to identify his birth family. For a quick summary of what I do, listen to this brief interview.

The Wall Street Journal reported my innovative use of this new technology in a front page article in 2009. Now you can read the entire story of my decades-long search in my award-winning book:

Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA

If you read the book, you will see why I’m passionate about sharing the insider’s tips I’ve learned through first-hand experience.

The Subjects Covered Here

This site is organized to cover the following major aspects of DNA testing:

Your Next Steps

In addition to reviewing the above sections of this web site, you can learn more from my books featured in the left column. In that same column you can jump to my Facebook page for DNA Testing Adviser.

Speaking Engagements

I offer a variety of educational presentations on the use of DNA testing. By using the webinar format, I can present to groups anywhere in the world for a very small cost. If your organization needs speakers, please check out my Speaking page.

Now Helping You Preserve Family Photos

As a genealogist researching past generations, I realized that I had a responsibility to make things easier for future generations. I also wanted to protect a lifetime of family memories contained in photos, videos, and audio recordings. I chose FOREVER for this purpose and I am now an Ambassador for the company to help others do the same. See my FOREVER Page.

Download my free PDF file with nearly 300 links to valuable genetic genealogy resources.

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