Your DNA Results
in a Personalized Report

Ordering a personalized report is an excellent follow-up to getting your DNA test results. This applies to both Y-DNA and mtDNA testing.

That's because many people find DNA results difficult to understand. And almost everyone has trouble explaining the tests and their results to others.

The perfect solution to both problems is a custom report prepared by an expert in Genetic Genealogy. The expert I recommend for this service is Roberta Estes. I know Roberta and have seen samples of her work. She does an excellent job.

Your Personalized Report

By providing genealogy data and photos, you get to participate in the customization. You can also ask questions to be answered.

In addition to connecting DNA results to your family tree, Roberta will also cover the migration routes of your ancient ancestors and discuss more recent ethnic origins.

The completed document will be 55-100 pages long. The length varies due to individual results, genealogy, and specific research questions.

You may think that this is an expensive luxury. But you can make as many copies as you like and give them as incredibly unique gifts to family members. That makes the cost per person quite reasonable.

If you tested your DNA through Family Tree DNA, you can order this through your personal page on their web site. Look in the
menu under My Account and you should see a link to “Order Personalized Report.”

If your test was through a different company, you can order  through Roberta’s web site at DNAeXplained.

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