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The Finding Family Book by Adoptee, Author & Genealogy Speaker Richard Hill

An Adopted Man’s Search for Roots
and the Secrets Revealed in His DNA

Finding Family Book

The award winning Finding Family book tells the story of Richard’s decades-long search for biological family and my innovative use of genetic genealogy DNA tests to identify his birth father.

Finding Family is Richard Hill’s true and intensely personal story of how he pieced together the long-kept secret of his birth.

This highly suspenseful book is a page-turning saga of personal detective work that will appeal to anyone who loves a good mystery.

But this isn’t fiction. It’s an engrossing account of an adoptee trying to reclaim the biological family denied him by sealed birth records.

This fascinating quest—including the author’s landmark use of DNA testing—takes readers on an exhilarating roller-coaster ride and concludes with a twist that rivals anything Hollywood has to offer.

NOTE: This book was originally self-published in 2012. It was republished by Familus on 9/28/17. The new edition includes a Beginners Guide to DNA Testing and some additional photos.

Whether you’re searching for your own roots or just craving a darn good read, this is a book you will likely devour in one sitting…and wholeheartedly recommend to others.

Experts Discuss the Finding Family Book:

“An engaging, page-turning memoir that thoughtfully puts together the pieces of a family puzzle.”

–Kirkus Reviews

“Impressively informative, exceptionally well written, an inherently fascinating and compelling read from beginning to end, “Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA” is an extraordinary account.”

–Midwest Book Reviews

“Finding Family” tells a gripping, inspirational story, but it also does more: It provides a genuinely useful self-help guide for adopted people, genealogists and anyone else who wants to explore their personal history.

–Adam Pertman, former Executive Director, Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute and author of Adoption Nation.

A fascinating new page-turner. [I was] completely unable to put it down… I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in genealogy, family secrets, genetic genealogy, or mystery in general. The book is a complete and entertaining saga from A to Z.

–Blaine Bettinger, Blogger, The Genetic Genealogist

“Finding Family” is an extraordinarily well-written account of one man’s journey to find the truth…a fascinating look at the challenges many adoptees face in finding the truth of their heritage…It’s definitely worth reading.

Kim Phagan-Hansel, Adoption Today

This book is what we used to refer to as a barn-burner! Gets ahold of you and just won’t let you go!…a wonderfully executed masterpiece. Whether you are interested in genetic genealogy, adoption searches or just like a good heart-warming mystery, you’ll love this book!

–Roberta Estes, Blogger, DNAeXplained

Simply put, I loved this book. I felt myself identifying with Richard at every turn of his journey…Richard does a wonderful job of describing the process of DNA in layman’s terms. After reading this book, I feel more comfortable sending my DNA for analysis and some hope in finding answers one day.

–Lynn Grubb, Blogger, Lost Daughters

Combining conventional genealogy, DNA analysis, and good old-fashioned gumshoe detective work, Richard has weaved his personal story into a thrilling saga that should serve as a roadmap for anyone seeking the “who” and “why” of an adoptee’s birth.

–Bennett Greenspan, President, Family Tree DNA

I found myself captivated with the story of this man. I did not get up again until I had finished it cover to cover. It’s that kind of book. I happily recommend it to anyone preparing for a search or just wanting to read a good story. The search tips that are found make it worth its weight in gold.

–Claudia Corrigan DArcy, Blogger, Musings of The Lame

Richard’s story reads like a good mystery novel. He is methodical, creative, determined and unexpectedly funny. I couldn’t put the book down.

–CeCe Moore, Blogger, Your Genetic Genealogist

[The Finding Family book} should be required reading for anyone about to embark on an adoptee quest in finding their birth family…some of the most fascinating non-fiction you will ever read.

–Katherine Hope Borges, Director, International Society of Genetic Genealogy

You don’t have to be an adoptee to enjoy reading this fascinating story…This is a very personal book. It’s sad, funny, and heart warming. It is also an excellent introduction into understanding the basics of DNA research.

Bobbi Schirado, Michigana Magazine

Hill’s memoir is well-written, easy to read, a can’t-put-down tale. It’s more than that, though, as Hill reveals himself in the process of discovering his roots. It’s a warm story of a man who finds family as well as roots.

–Jane Edwards, Blogger, [Birth Mother,] First Mother Forum

This book is a must-read for any adoptee, and for anyone working on their genealogy. The sheer joy of seeing someone’s hard work pay off so successfully brings a big smile.

–Emily Aulicino, Blogger, DNA – Genealem’s Genetic Genealogy

Richard Hill spent his career working in the sciences and in marketing, but hearing about his decades-long search for family you get the sense he would have made a great detective.

–Scott Hadly, Content Editor, 23andMe, Inc.

“There are many fiction author’s who could learn a thing or two from Hill’s writing.”

Leland Meitzler, GenealogyBlog

“Regardless of whether you are adopted or not, this is a very personal journey of one man’s discovery of his biological roots which has a happy ending! It was a long journey, over several decades, and yet Mr. Hill doesn’t weigh the story down with too much nitty-gritty. There is just enough detail about his research methodology that it both inspires and informs us.”

Diane L. Richard, Family Chronicle Magazine

About the Author

Richard Hill’s groundbreaking use of DNA testing in adoption search was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. He was the first known case of an adoptee finding his birth family through genetic genealogy DNA tests.

Now retired from careers in science and marketing, Richard is a member of the the Genealogical Speakers Guild and gives talks on DNA testing, primarily in Michigan where he lives. Presentations in other areas can be arranged.

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