Genealogy Speaker Richard Hill

Helping Everyone Understand and Enjoy Genetic Genealogy

A genealogy speaker for many years, I was the first adoptee known to have identified my birth family through genetic genealogy DNA testing. 

My presentations are suitable for both beginner and intermediate audiences.

I skip the complex science behind DNA testing and approach these tests as the powerful tools they are for learning more about our ancestry. 

I live in Michigan but have given presentations in many states and overseas. My next presentation to a national audience will be at RootsTech in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I am also available to give presentations online or participate remotely in DNA discussion panels.

Selected Genealogy Speaker Engagements

  • National Genealogical Society Family History Conference
  • Southern California Genealogical Society
  • Who Do You Think You Are? Live (England) 
  • International Conference on Genetic Genealogy
  • Michigan Genealogical Council
  • Northwest Ohio Genealogy Seminar
  • Louisiana Adoption Advisory Board Conference
  • Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan
  • Irish Genealogical Society of Michigan
  • South Bend Area Genealogical Society
  • Detroit Society for Genealogical Research
  • Franklin County (Ohio) Genealogical & Historical Society
  • West Michigan Genealogical Society
  • Various DAR Chapters
  • Numerous city and county genealogical groups and public libraries

For a complete list of all my speaking engagements since 2013 see the News & Events page of my website.

Available Presentations

Currently, I offer two different but complementary presentations. A third one will first be given at RootsTech 2019 and will be an option for other groups after that. For longer engagements, I can do multiple presentations.

Presentation A:

Finding Family with DNA Testing: A Genetic Detective Story 

This one starts with my personal search. That lets the audience get to know me and provides a great example of how DNA testing can solve genealogical mysteries. 

Sharing family photos and personal test results, I take you step-by- step through the original DNA success story that opened the floodgates for adoptees to get around sealed adoption records.

I share the test reports responsible for my success along with current views of my personal account pages at today’s leading DNA testing companies.

Presentation B

Genetic Genealogy Workshop

Updated regularly, this presentation gets into DNA testing in more detail and helps people approach genetic genealogy most effectively.

Highlighting the strengths of different tests and individual testing companies, I explain many key factors that can impact your results.

In addition, I share a constantly evolving list of favorite third-party resources for information, tools, and assistance.

Presentation C (available in March 2019 after Rootstech)

Understanding the Ethnic Ancestry Reports Included with Your DNA Test

What DNA testing can and cannot tell you about your ethnic ancestry and why your results may surprise you. Many examples will be shown.

The Important Q&A Session

Each of my talks is followed by a wide-open Question and Answer session. We explore whatever DNA testing topics are important to each audience.

Book Signing

At the end of most presentations, I hold a book signing session where I sign copies of my personal memoir "Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA.” I will have copies available for purchase.

Having an opportunity to sell books is what allows me to keep my genealogy speaker fees low. So please make sure that the venue for your event has no restriction on sales.

Equipment Needs

Slides for my presentations are on my Mac laptop. The sponsoring organization needs to provide a digital projector and screen.

For larger groups a microphone should also be available.


If you are looking for a genealogy speaker for your organization, please reach out to me through the Contact form or my email or phone number below.

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