Who’s the Real Daddy?

Simple Ways to Figure Out
Your Child’s Biological Father

Who’s the Real Daddy, a guest article by Teoddy Baldomaro, explores some options for confirming fatherhood.

“No, Luke. I AM your Father!”

That was one of the most memorable lines in the movie “Star Wars”. But did Darth Vader really know what it means to be the biological father of Luke Skywalker?

Or the better question is, “Was he really prepared to face the consequences of such a claim?”

Why a Child Should Know His or Her Roots

It is very important for anyone, young or old, to know who his/her real father is. Especially for a child, one’s rights cannot be fully protected without a legitimate father. Thus, it is important to know that only after determining who the father is in the court of law will a child be eligible for support and other benefits.

And of course, without the father, who would go with your child to her father-daughter dance or to that worthwhile father-and-son fishing trip?

Things You Can Do to Know

There are some situations when you’re not sure who the real father of your child is. That could pose a problem when determining who should be playing the role of “dad” in your child’s life.

For such cases, there are simple tests you can do yourself (or with the help of others) to try to find out which one is the real daddy. Be aware, though, that not all of these are 100% accurate. They may not be enough of an evidence to pinpoint the exact biological father, but they are a good start and can save you some stress later on.

• The blood type

Depending on the blood type of two people (the father and mother, mother and child, or father and child), it is possible to determine which blood types the third one should have. Although this may give more than one possible blood type, it can narrow down your list.

• Multi-trait paternity calculator

This is a test that includes the blood type, eye color and type of ear lobes to find out the legitimacy of parenthood.

• The time of conception

Of course, you can always try and figure out who the real father is by computation through the child’s birth date. Thus, it is important to keep track of your activities and who you do them with.

• Other behavioral patterns

The simplest test is to do some observations between the child and the suspected father/s. Try to find if there are certain habits between the “fathers” and the child.

…and may the Force be with you

If all else fails, you can stop trying your best and let science do its thing. Through the advancement of science and technology, it is now possible to avail DNA testing in order to check for biological relations.

You can even acquire a DNA Home Kit by contacting a service provider via phone or the Internet. This kit lets you get DNA samples by yourself at home (with proper instructions and complete materials), and then send them back to the company for analysis. All you have to do is wait for the results.

Depending on the type of DNA test conducted and the manner of execution, test results can even hold their own ground in the court of law.

Who’s the Real Daddy is a guest article by Teoddy Baldomaro a writer and consultant for homednadirect.com, an accurate and reliable provider of DNA tests and services. He also loves surfing the internet and does music on his free time. And, yes, he knows his real daddy.

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