My DNA Answers to Common Questions

My name is Richard Hill and DNA Testing is my web site.

This DNA Answers section provides a growing list of frequently asked questions about DNA testing and my answers to those questions. It’s essentially a DNA FAQ.

I get DNA questions from adoptees, genealogists, and a surprising number of other people who are uncertain of their biological relationship to a parent, sibling, or other person.

Often, DNA testing can provide the missing piece to whatever mystery is puzzling you.

This is a new section and content will build steadily over time…so check back periodically.

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DNA Answers to Common Questions

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Which DNA Tests are Best for Specific Functions?

Can You Summarize Your DNA Advice on One Page?

Why is the Family Finder Test So Important?

Should I Do the 23andMe DNA Test?

Can I Find Birth Parents Through DNA Testing?

What's a Good DNA Ancestry Test?

Can DNA Testing Find My Lost Relatives?

How Do I Begin Researching My Family History?

My Guide to DNA Testing

Before you dive into the details of this web site, I suggest you read my Guide to DNA Testing.

I describe and compare the major DNA test types. Then I explain their purposes, strengths and limitations in some unique tables that you will not find anywhere else.

This Guide provides the high level overview you need to put the various DNA tests in perspective.

Click here to learn how you can get the Guide for free.

You can buy the Kindle version for just 99 cents at

My Recommended DNA Testing Companies

The following three testing companies are widely recommended by genetic genealogy experts.  In addition to reading the contents of my site I suggest you learn more directly from the companies that do the testing.

Family Tree DNA



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23andMe now offers two versions of it's DNA test. The Ancestry-only version is just $99. The Health + Ancestry version that includes some FDA-approved health test results is $199.

If you already have results from another autosomal DNA test, you may be able to transfer into Family Finder for free.